Supersoaker Maxi

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Cloth nappy to [actually] fit from newborn to toilet training [2.5kg to 20kg]


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All of our nappies come with the absorbency you actually need to get your from newborn to toilet training

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Customer Reviews

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Christin (Queenstown, New Zealand)

I've purchased these to trial them in another brand of nappys. And they are super! Quick to dry and boy can they hold some liquid!


Great product. The only thing that keeps my heavy wetter 2yo dry!

MJ (Sydney, Australia)
Great for nights

We’ve successfully been using the super soaker maxi (in another big brand pocket nappy shells we already have) for our little, heavy wetting, about-to-start-solids 5 month old boy. We also use the hemp cotton trifold/snake insert combo and we had noticed that this is actually a tad more absorbent than the super soaker maxi. Aami put out the comparison guide for inserts which confirmed that the combo is a little more absorbent. The super soaker would be completely saturated of a morning and the trifold/snake combo a little less so. We note that the set ups would probably match each other absorption wise if we used the super soaker maxi in the mighty minky shell, which is also slightly absorbent, however we don’t own the minkys - yet! We had a small 5pound 4 baby; the soaker seems bulkier on our little boy who is now 6kg but he’ll grow into it. At the moment our preference is the trifold/snake combo but this might change as Bub grows into the super soaker. We love that we can use the super soaker, hemp cotton trifold and other items from the inserts range in other brand nappy shells, which snap into their studs and sit perfectly. Versatility is key for parents. There is nothing more annoying than when you buy a new product but it doesn’t lock into/snap into/fit onto your existing set up, with anything you have at home, not just nappies. This costs you more and more money each time you buy something different and has major negative impacts on the planet - extra panels on play pens that don’t fit the old version, weird charger cords that don’t fit your model, strange plastic press studs that don’t connect, just to name a few). Aami has designed much of her range to successfully use with various other products in your cloth nappy stash should you desire and she doesn’t hide this. She’s also clear on what works with other items on her website and what doesn’t. To me, these things says that she truly cares about the planet and cares about making cloth nappies easy for parents by cutting out the bull$&?@
I’m a teacher and at school we always talk about setting the kids up for success; Aami has helped set many parents up for success with their cloth journey by making quality, versatile and adaptable products and by helping parents educate and troubleshoot via her social media channels. Thank you Aami.

Akisha Guy (Melbourne, Australia)
The best cloth nappy I have ever used

My son is a super Heavy wetter & was just leaking through disposals constantly even when I would double up but then I found Mimi & co. I brought one to start & after one use it had already changed our lives. No more wetting through, no more irritation on his skin from the harmful chemicals in disposable nappies. 1000% recommend

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