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Limitless Reversible Messy Mat
Adam Frank (Brisbane, Australia)
Loved it so I bought two!

These mats feel so thick and luscious for my babe. Easy to wipe up and throw in the wash when it’s too messy. I love using under the highchair or outside while I’m hanging out washing.

Cinnamon 2.0 Modern Cloth Nappy
Hyeju Kim (Reynella, Australia)
My friends told me I was stupid to order 24 nappies from one brand

I usually don’t leave reviews, but I had to leave one for Mimi & Co nappies. When my baby was 9 weeks old, I purchased 24 Mimi & Co nappies with intention to use cloth nappies full time.

I was a bit nervous about ordering this many nappies from a single brand, because the advice I received from my family and friends was to try out different brands of cloth nappies to find out which one I liked the most before ordering a large quantity.

But my baby was just below 4kg and long and slim. Mimi & Co nappies were the only modern cloth nappies I could find that cater for babies with skinny legs. Plus it was one of a few brands that clearly stated the materials that the inserts were made of. So I decided to go 100% with Mimi & Co 😊

It’s been 2 months since I started using them and all I can say is that I absolutely love using them on my baby.

The quality of textile and inserts are amazing and they wash so well. All the inserts come out super clean after a wash. I occasionally get 💩stains on the inserts but they magically disappear after hanging them flat under the sun for 10 minutes.

They are definitely sooooo much better than disposable nappies with containing what comes out of my baby. I don’t understand why so many people tell me that cloth nappies don’t work, because Mimi & Co nappies work 🤷🏻‍♀️ Even my hubby loves them!

Luxe Wet Bag Medium
Victoria kriticos (Sydney, Australia)
small bag, huge space!

this medium size bag is so deceiving! it looks small but I just fit my daughters towel, swimmers, goggles and swimcap for swimming lessons in there! honestly incredible!

Leopard 2.0 Modern Cloth Nappy
Victoria kriticos (Sydney, Australia)
Another great print!

Love this Print, I've been going for the more natural prints so thought I'd try something different and it looks amazing :)

Burnside 2.0 Modern Cloth Nappy
Victoria kriticos (Sydney, Australia)
my most favourite print so far!

This print is so stunning and I'm inlove with the quality.

Charmed 2.0 Modern Cloth Nappy [PREORDER]
Georgia Bruce (Sydney, Australia)

I now use your nappies full time on two babies!

Luxe Wet Bag Small (V2)
Victoria kriticos (Sydney, Australia)
Great little bag!

great little bag! beautiful pa print fits conveniently in my handbag or large wetbag and if you aren't using cloth nappies out and about it can fit 4 disposable nappies, nappy cream and disposable bags with some room to spare. wanting to get a second one for myself for my little nick nacks and maybe even one as a coin purse for the car too - and incase anyone wants to know- the fabric feels like wetsuit material :)

Serenity 2.0 Modern Cloth Nappy
Alicia West (Wellington, New Zealand)
Impeccable design

These nappies are honestly the best design I have found on the market. I tried to find something I liked in NZ but when I found Mimi & Co I %100 didn’t mind ordering them from our Aussie neighbour. Great quality and beautiful design. Can’t wait for my next order to arrive.

Nappy Backpack
Krystle Robertson (Brisbane, Australia)
love it

Beautiful colour, plenty of space and pockets, and doesnt give the feel of a clunky "traditional" nappy bag

Beautiful design

I haven’t had the chance to use them on Bub yet as I’m still to give birth. I wanted to check it out first before committing to a whole stash being a first time mum for our to be new Bub. I’m happy with the design it seems to be very well put together and the fabric seems high quality! although only thing I will say is I’m a little unsure how the button clips will go as they seem very quite tough to try to click together and that worry’s me. Because when I’m going open the nappy that the buttons might pull out of the fabric due to the difficulty of how tough the little snaps are over time? I understand they are designed so Bub can’t rip them off too but it’s quite difficult for mum to undo as well. Do the clips loosen and get a little softer after more uses or will they remain the same? I will be sure to update again once I have used them on bubba with a full review. (Was also a very lovely surprise when I opened up my parcel and noticed that I had been gifted a beautiful Bee Happy Hair Scrunchie completely 100% recycled from off cuts from the Mimi and co reusable range) little side note if you have super thin hair like myself these will be a little too bulky but are still very beautiful I love a good scrunch!

Limitless Reversible Messy Mat
Kiara Bailie (Canberra, Australia)
Messy mat

Loving the afternoon sun today, so happy with this purchase. If you’re pondering whether to get a Limitless Reversible Messy Mat or not, this is your sign!! 😘
I use mine inside and outside, it’s a lovely soft water resistant material, big enough for you and bub to sit on and also comes in a beautiful range of patterns. I’m thinking I should get another one for a dedicated outside one 🫣 haha

Charmed 2.0 Modern Cloth Nappy [PREORDER]
Ashley (Shepparton, Australia)
Obsessed with this print!

Love the 2.0 nappies! The inserts are much easier to stuff than my other brand MCN. The prints are so beautiful!

Buzz 2.0 Modern Cloth Nappy [PREORDER]
BK (Melbourne, Australia)
Our favourite MCNs

I've loved Mimi and Co original 2.0s for ages now. They're super absorbent, super trim, great for a heavy wetter and have the best prints! They hold up great to long, hot washes, don't leave red marks, do well in the dryer (on a low heat anyway) and dry well on the line too. Can't reccomend them highly enough! Never EVER had a leak in 2.0s (had plenty in other brands 😅)

Foille 2.0 Modern Cloth Nappy
Jessie Jacob (Brisbane, Australia)
Couldn't be happier

I knew I wanted to use cloth nappy since before I was pregnant. I stumbled across Mimi & Co on tiktok and fell in love with them. We have been using them for just over 6 weeks when my little dude was about 2 months old. I wish we had started from birth

Newborn Stretchy Preflat
Sophie Cooke (Sydney, Australia)
Stretchy flats

Amazing quality and have not been disappointed with the fit at all!

Mighty Minky Night Nappy
A. (Brisbane, Australia)
Great night nappy

I was a bit skeptical at first about the night nappies but they truly are a breeze to use. Once I used my first one, I was sold on them. I didn’t have to change my 8 month old all night, she stayed comfy and dry and she didn’t even wet through- and no leaks. I had ordered the heavy wetter- it came with a snake insert and a second insert. It wasn’t even bulky at all. I’m so impressed, I’ll be ordering more!

Mighty Minky | Brussles (SHELL ONLY)
Lily Malligan (Brisbane, Australia)
Incomparable Night nappies

If you’re like me, you’re probably stalking this beautiful company on tiktok and Insta and thinking is it really worth trying they look too good to be true. WELL I guarantee you, you will be beyond satisfied. The quality is incomparable to others I’ve used. The night nappies really are sooo soft and I have had no leaks or marking!! The day nappies are incredibly designed too. I can’t stop raving about them to everybody. I can not wait to slowly replace my stash with these nappies. Worth the investment!

Nappy Backpack
Sidney Abraham (Brisbane, Australia)
Love love love!

I struggled to find a nappy bag when I first started cloth that would hold everything I needed not just for a day out but a night away as well ! I saw your video on tik tok and I had to have it! I love it! I can fit babies lunch esky her cloth nappies, toys, limitless mat everything fits! It’s great!

Nappy Backpack
Anna (Brisbane, Australia)
Absolutely amazing

Just got my backpack and I am in love. There is so much space and so many pockets to stay organised. I really love the fact that the bag stays open so well so it will be really easy to access everything. Can't wait to start using this everytime I leave the house with my little one.
Plus it's just absolutely stunning to look at 😀 😍

TinyTransition™ Training Pants | Stage 1 (5 sets)
Mia (Sunshine Coast, Australia)
Love them

My Twinnies have just started to toilet train last day of two and will definitely be getting more I’m not worried about leaks during the early stages, toilet training must be exhausting on them but even with a short nap they didn’t leak so I’m not worried about them having accidents on the lounge or carpet areas if I was not near them every second of the day

Basics Modern Cloth Nappy [SHELL ONLY]
Emily (Sydney, Australia)
Love this shell

Great quality shell at an affordable price.

Currently using the hemp inserts in these and loving them.

Great fabrics and feel and lovely designs. They’ve become my day favourites.

Excellent quality

Not as in love with the 2.0 as I am with the minkys or the basic. In saying that my kid has pooped pretty quick in it so have only used it twice for short periods 😂 must be a comfy poop nappy!

I think the rear flap is a bit long (but needs to be that long to cover the clips). I do prefer the option of a clip for the liner at the front or the back not just the back. A front clip would allow folding the hemp insert at the front for extra absorbency.


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We're glad to hear that our product serves as a 'comfy poop nappy' for your child – it gave us a good chuckle!

Your insights regarding the design of the 2.0 are valued. The back panel, which we refer to as the 'poonami protector,' is specifically designed with its current positioning to effectively contain any unexpected explosions. It's an essential feature to ensure both comfort and cleanliness. We understand your preferences about the clip options, and your feedback regarding front clip options for the hemp insert is duly noted. We're always looking for ways to improve our products and cater to the diverse needs of our customers.

If there are any other suggestions or concerns you'd like to discuss, or if you need further guidance on getting the best out of our products, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our aim is to ensure every experience with our nappies is a positive one.

Warm regards,

Mimi x

Mighty Minky | Foille (SHELL ONLY)
Emily (Sydney, Australia)
Luxuriously soft. Cute print

Such a lovely print. The micro fleece is luxuriously soft. 12 hours with night feeds and no leaks. So much better than 3am screaming nappy changes when we were on disposables.

Bamboo Trifold Insert
Emily (Sydney, Australia)
Super soft but long

Super soft trifold. Longer than I expected. Suits the minky length or larger nappies.

Mighty Minky | Pa (SHELL ONLY)
Emily (Sydney, Australia)
Minky Soft.

I love this colour. Not too girly.
Fits like a glove. So soft. No elastic marks. No leaks over night! Love these nappies!