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LOVE the Original 2.0s!

I love the Original 2.0s - their absorbency is amazing (I actually only need the snake insert for my 12m old, and love that I can use my hemp booster for another brand!), and their fit is also excellent! Because they are narrower they look very trim. And of course their prints are so cute! I actually bought some as a gift for my friends baby shower and she's so excited to try them! Thank you :)

What is not to love!

Firstly, how cute is this print!
Secondly, these nappies are fantastic! An absolute favourite (even with Hubby).
Perfect fit every time, so many great features and absorbent inserts

The MIGHTY night nappy

The Mighty Minky is definitely mighty!!!
They are so soft, the fit is amazing, no red marks and super absorbent for my 2yr old

Mighty Minky | Mumma
Alicia Isaac
New fave night nappy

Super soft, no red marks and super absorbent with the maxi. Bought one then bought 5 more! Pretty trim too.

So easy to fit!

As a FTM, the original 2.0’s are the best nappies I have come across! Fool proof to fit, comfy for bub, and of course super cute!

XL Bamboo Wipes
Lindsey Marcus
Love this company

Found them through tiktok and could tell the quality was amazing just by the videos. I love everything about their items. I plan on ordering more. I’ve yet to find anything that compares to this quality in the USA.

Lovely fabric

I'm extremely impressed by these preflats. The fabric feels luxurious. It's thick but incredibly soft. The Snappi easily attaches too, which is something I look for in a preflat. I'm interested to see how the fabric/print will hold up after multiple hot washes. Will love to add more to my stash!

OSFM Limitless Wrap | Earth - amazing!

We absolutely love the OSFM Limitless Wrap! They are designed perfectly and last for many hrs without leaks. I loved them so much I bought more!

OSFM PreFlat | Conny
Rosemary Nathan
OSFM Preflat/Conny

Beautiful soft well made Preflat, slim fit with wonderful absorption, repeat buyer and will be stocking up with more

Great quality inserts

These inserts are thick and absorbent, making them a versatile day/ night option for my 4 month old bub without being too bulky!

Bombproof newborn wrap!

Love these wraps and their beautiful earthy tones. These covers worked so well for my newborn with bambams or newborn inserts. The leg elastics are really soft and totally bombproof. The waistband was gentler on my baby’s skin than some other Velcro covers I have.

Mighty Minky | Russo
Ashley Plummer
Worth theirs weight in gold!

I have been using cloth nappies full time on my daughter for almost a year now, and when I say these night nappies are the most amazing thing I have used- I mean it. As she has gotten bigger, and is a tummy sleeper we started getting leaks every night. I tried multiple boosters & wool covers and it come to the point I was using a disposable at night to prevent her wetting through her PJs, sleeping bag and sheets. Until I found Mimi and Co. Don't waste your time on cheap night nappies. I purchased 3 of the Mighty Minky night nappies, with the super soaker maxi liner- and the quality is AMAZING (Chefs Kiss) I will be purchasing more & I will be recommending these to my fellow cloth family. Thankyou Mimi and Co team for creating such a high quality, soft, absorbing nappy- and for saving my washing routine every night!

Love it

The mighty minky really does leave no red marks. My baby is still little and not a huge wetter so can’t really comment on needing the absorbency but I purchase hoping for a nice, soft, gentle nappy for him to sleep in comfortably and that’s exactly what this is. Will definitely purchase more.

OSFM PreFlat | Foille
Kirsty Catania
Love the print

This preflat is the reason I tried Mimi and co and I’ve fallen in love with many of your other items because of this! Love the print on this preflat and the universal fit and absorbency for every bub. I can’t wait to try these with a booster for overnight use!

Truly a newborn to toilet training nappy!

This nappy has totally blown all other MCN’s out the water. I discovered the ingenious top row of snaps which I’ve never seen on another nappy before! They clip together to create a small fit for petite little legs. Love how soft and universally fitting this nappy is. I’ll be buying more for sure!

The most beautiful nappies!

We always reach for our Mimi and Co’s first, they are the most beautiful prints and by far the best fit! They have even resisted stains so far! Love love love them!

Love, Love, LOVE

I purchased 3 of the limitless mats and we absolutely love them and take them everywhere. The prints are gorgeous.


Honestly, I cannot say enough good things. I am OBSESSED with our Mimi and Co nappies! I tried sooo many brands and I’m now working my way through them, selling the tried and tested and fully stashing up on Mimis. They fully fit the brief; they are quality, absorbent, fit well, cute prints, soft on bubs. Sooo happy I found them! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

An absolute success!

We hadn’t tried night nappies out of fear of leaks/discomfort for bubs but these gorgeous nappies had me sold. So soft! Bub happily slept and no leaks!! Win win win


The softest nappy we’ve ever had! Great fitting and such soft elastics which leads to no sock marks!


The fit is perfect, inserts are perfect, prints are beautiful!

XL Bamboo Wipes
Anna Kennedy
Great wipes

Good set of wipes, perfect size. Nice and warm for babies skin in the winter instead of disposable wipes.

Mighty Minky | Russo
Kirsty Catania
Loving the soft rolled leg elastic

Being my first minky nappy, I was really hesitant to try initially as my thoughts were that I’d experience leaks overnight. I was proven otherwise 👏🏻
The pocket of this nappy is excellent to stuff and bulk out without compromising on the fit and leg seal. We not only survived a full night, but we also woke to NO red marks around the thighs and groin. Mind blown! This is unheard of in a night nappy and believe me when I say I’ve tried just about every night nappy on the market.
Well done on creating something incredible 👏🏻

Originals 2.0 | Leopard
Rosie Delangen
Originals 2.0 | Leopard

Very happy with these nappies! Have used a few different brands over 3 babies and these are my fav! I love the thinner longer wings, I feel as though I will get more life out of these and they will fit through chunky fazes and growth spurts

Awesome products

We love the pods as they making trips out much easier and keeps the nappies together at day care.
Would love some boy patterns.
We already had two and brought 4 more so we can prepack for daycare.