About us


It was 2020..

I'd recently had by first bub and I found myself in a completely different world.

Having recently graduated from a Bachelor of Forensic Chemistry & Pharmacology, stepped down from managing multiple retail pharmacy stores as an Area Manager, working part time in a gym and spending time powerlifting myself into competitions. My life and my mind very quickly went from busy busy to ... slow


I'd gained the love of my life, spending every ounce of my energy on my newest bundle of joy was so wholesome, but something was missing. I'd quickly lost my sense of self, I needed something to intrigue and stimulate by mind - the tiny part that couldn't be filled otherwise.


I thought having a baby now meant I couldn't have a career. Instead he became my inspiration.


and Mimi & Co was born.

A thought changed to reality

I'd spent 8 years working at Spotlight as a teen, I loved textiles.. so I knew what I wanted and had the know-how to find it.

I spend the next few months behind a sewing machine making countless nappies and reusable products for friends and family. Perfecting my design as I went, using different textiles and trialing all of my weird and wonderful ideas.

The demand soon outgrew my capacity to sew so many products whilst caring for my little love bug.

I knew I needed help..

Help Arrived

Moving production into another country is scary. But my main priority was finding a manufacturer with the highest quality textiles, ethics and certification. Someone who could do what I do, but on a bigger scale.

I have complete transparency in our textile technology and our ethical production overseas, and I am honoured to bring you a collection of products which although they are no longer made in my home.. you wouldn't know any different.


Since 2020 he have welcomed a new human to love into our family.

As we continue to grow and increase our range we gain another type of family alongside us.

Thank you for all of your support, helping us to create a more sustainable future for our little ones.

Love Mimi x