Mighty Minky Night Nappy | Earth

Mimi and Co's revolutionary reusable modern cloth nappies, perfectly tailored for your little one's comfort.

✔ No red marks guarantee
✔ Stay dry layer ensures baby stays dry and rash-free
✔ Revolutionary protected design

Sale price$42.99 AUD

Mix & Match to Save

✦ Buy 3, get 5% off | $40.84 each
✦ Buy 5, get 7% off | $39.98 each
✦ Buy 6, get 15% off | $36.54 each

12 Months Warranty

Plus hassle free 30-day change of mind

No Red Marks

We guarantee our night nappies will leave bub red-mark free all night

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Customer Reviews

Based on 146 reviews
Alana.wilson99@hotmail.com (Canberra, AU)
Love these nappies!

So soft & they have such beautiful patterns can't wait for our next order to arrive! 🥰

A. (Brisbane, AU)
Great night nappy

I was a bit skeptical at first about the night nappies but they truly are a breeze to use. Once I used my first one, I was sold on them. I didn’t have to change my 8 month old all night, she stayed comfy and dry and she didn’t even wet through- and no leaks. I had ordered the heavy wetter- it came with a snake insert and a second insert. It wasn’t even bulky at all. I’m so impressed, I’ll be ordering more!

Lily Malligan (Brisbane, AU)
Incomparable Night nappies

If you’re like me, you’re probably stalking this beautiful company on tiktok and Insta and thinking is it really worth trying they look too good to be true. WELL I guarantee you, you will be beyond satisfied. The quality is incomparable to others I’ve used. The night nappies really are sooo soft and I have had no leaks or marking!! The day nappies are incredibly designed too. I can’t stop raving about them to everybody. I can not wait to slowly replace my stash with these nappies. Worth the investment!

Emily (Sydney, AU)
Luxuriously soft. Cute print

Such a lovely print. The micro fleece is luxuriously soft. 12 hours with night feeds and no leaks. So much better than 3am screaming nappy changes when we were on disposables.

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