OSFM Bamboo Fitted Nappy + Wipeable Cover



  • 1x Bamboo Cotton Fitted Nappy
  • 1x Duo Strength Insert Sets
  • 1x OSFM Wipeable Cover

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Caitlin Williamson (Adelaide, AU)
Best night nappies!

Best night nappies!!
Super heavy wetter overnight, we moved to bamboo fitted dedicated night nappies. He's comfortable, not leaking & sleeping in wet clothes. The hardest part of night nappies is getting baby to lay still to do up the snaps!

Shannen (Sydney, AU)
The answer to my problems!

For context, my 6 month old had been waking up at 5am every morning with nappy leaks. He feeds 1-2 times and night and also right before bed (all 180ml bottles). He takes a lot to get back to sleep as is so we don’t want to change his nappy and make the process even harder for ourselves. We tried different brands of disposables, sizing up, 2 disposable nappies, one on top of the other, all resulting in leaks! We tried a reusable nappy over the top of a disposable and this one was 50/50. Thank goodness we found this overnight nappy! It took a few goes to work out what shell to put over the top and how tight to make it but now we’ve absolutely nailed it. Another thing that we found works best is folding one of the inserts and placing it where the wee hits for extra absorption (see picture) We are all definitely enjoying the extra hour or so of sleep! Thank you so much Mimi & Co!

Frith (Dingwall, GB)
Love it!

Does exactly what it says it should, lasts us all night even when my baby pulls an all night feeding session. Lovely and soft and a dream to fit. A great nappy that I highly recommend.

Amy Costello (Brisbane, AU)
Finally found a night nappy that works!

I had nearly been turned off night nappies as every single night nappy I’ve ever tried has not been able to stand up to my heavy wetting 8 month old.
Thankfully I was looking for something to get my cart up to the free postage amount (haha) and I thought I’d give this one a go as well. So glad I did!
The first night I bulked it up with extra inserts as my previous experiences were still haunting me. The next day I went back to just one small additional insert as some layers were still dry and it didn’t miss a beat!
Much trimmer than any other night nappies and fit my chubby legged hard to fit baby well. Also dries much quicker than other brands I’ve tried.
If your on the fence, please just give them a go!

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