PUL [Polyurethane Laminate] vs TPU [Thermal Polyurethane]

PUL [Polyurethane Laminate] vs TPU [Thermal Polyurethane] - Mimi & Co

What makes a great Modern Cloth Nappy?

With so many brands and features across the market, it's hard to make sense of what each feature does and whether they're something you should look for when purchasing a nappy.

At Mimi & Co we believe the single most important feature of Modern Cloth Nappies is the PUL [or TPU].  

What is PUL and TPU?

PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) and TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) are manufactured differently. 

The main difference between PUL and TPU is that PUL is a type of plastic that uses chemicals in production, whereas TPU is bonded using heat rather than chemicals. It's the toxin free choice!

Why is premium PUL or TPU important?

A premium PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) or even better, a premium TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) will mean the difference between your nappies deteriorating after a few washes or lasting through multiple children. 

Premium PUL [or TPU] has the ability to withstand the general wear and tear you will encounter as well as withstanding a great wash routine. 

How can you tell a quality PUL or TPU?

To be honest it's really quite difficult and is often where most families come unstuck. In general the cheaper the nappy the less likely they are to use premium PUL or TPU. This is simply because premium PUL/TPU is expensive, and will most likely be reflected in the price of the nappies. 

It can vary in durability, waterproofing, and the max temperature it can withstand and that's why it is important to be able to identify brands with the most premium PUL. 

Pay close attention to a brands washing instructions, as only quality PUL will be recommended to be washed at 60 degrees celsius. At Mimi & Co we recommend that all of our nappies are washed at 60 degrees, a per CCN (Clean Cloth Nappies) guidelines to prolong the life of your nappies and achieve a superior clean.  

Example of Mimi & Co wash label recommendations

What happens when PUL begins to break down?

It’s called delamination and it basically means that the TPU film is separating from the poly fabric. It usually happens in stages as time goes by. Improper care can also accelerate it. When delamination occurs, the nappy is no longer waterproof and often needs to be retired. 



When it comes to Cloth Nappies, remember that it’s not all the same quality. That’s why it makes sense to follow the brand or the manufacturer’s care recommendations, read reviews and ask the brand directly if you have any questions. 



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