Get Started with Cloth Nappies: Try Mimi & Co's Originals 2.0 Trial Modern Cloth Nappy Today!

Get Started with Cloth Nappies: Try Mimi & Co's Originals 2.0 Trial Modern Cloth Nappy Today! - Mimi & Co

Unlock the savings today with our 50% off trial nappy offer! Dive into the world of cloth diapering with confidence, courtesy of Mimi & Co. Start your journey towards eco-friendly parenting now!

 Originals 2.0 Trial Modern Cloth Nappy {ONE PER PERSON}[USE CODE: TRIALNAPPY] - Mimi & Co

Embarking on the cloth nappy journey can feel like a leap of faith, especially in a world dominated by disposable diapers. The idea of washing, drying, and reusing nappies might seem overwhelming, and the fear of leaks and messes can be daunting. But here at Mimi & Co, we're here to make that transition as smooth as possible.

Introducing our Originals 2.0 Trial nappy – your ticket to exploring the world of cloth nappies with confidence. We understand that taking the first step towards sustainability can be intimidating, which is why we've carefully crafted our trial nappy to address your concerns and provide a gentle introduction to the cloth nappy lifestyle.

Our trial nappy isn't just about functionality – it's about combining practicality with style. Designed with both baby and parent in mind, our trial nappy features innovative technology and eye-catching designs that make diaper changes a breeze. With adjustable fittings and super absorbent materials, you can rest assured that leaks will be a thing of the past.

But what truly sets our trial nappy apart is its affordability. We believe that every parent should have the opportunity to explore eco-friendly options without breaking the bank. That's why we're offering our trial nappy at a 50% discount – because we believe in giving parents the chance to make informed decisions about their family's future.

So why wait? Take the first step towards a greener, more sustainable future for your family. Try our trial nappy today and discover the endless possibilities of cloth diapering. With Mimi & Co by your side, the journey to eco-friendly parenting has never been easier.

 Originals 2.0 Trial Modern Cloth Nappy {ONE PER PERSON}[USE CODE: TRIALNAPPY] - Mimi & Co


Experience the Future of Nappies: Mimi & Co’s Originals 2.0 Modern Cloth Nappy

Embark on a journey of eco-conscious parenting with our revolutionary Mimi & Co 2.0 Originals. Crafted to perfection, these modern cloth nappies redefine versatility and comfort for your little one. Whether you prefer the convenience of a pocket nappy or the flexibility of an all-in-two system, our Originals 2.0 has you covered. Each nappy comes complete with two high-quality inserts: a long 5-layer bamboo cotton for maximum absorbency and a 4-layer hemp booster for added protection. 

But that's not all – our Originals 2.0 boasts premium features designed with your baby's comfort in mind. From the tummy panel and elastic to the five rise settings and thick back elastic, every detail has been carefully considered. Plus, our stretchy PUL fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles, ensuring both sustainability and durability. With specially tailored wings to accommodate chunky thighs, this nappy is guaranteed to provide a snug and secure fit from newborn to toilet training. Experience the difference with Mimi & Co Originals 2.0 – the ultimate blend of functionality and style for modern parents like you.


Key Features:

Stay-Dry Comfort: Enjoy the moisture-wicking properties of our soft, jersey-lined nappies, keeping your little one dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Superior Fit: Featuring a narrow crotch and wide back elastics, our nappies provide a snug and secure fit for babies of all shapes and sizes.

Ultimate Leak Protection: Inner double-gussets and a tummy panel leak guard with elastics ensure leak-proof protection, giving you peace of mind.

Convenient Setup: With a pocket opening for easy setup, our nappies are hassle-free and convenient for busy parents.

Versatile Sizing: Our OSFM (one size fits most) design is suitable from newborn to toddler (approx 3.5kg to 19kg), offering long-lasting use as your baby grows.

Included Inserts:

Originals 2.0 Trial Modern Cloth Nappy {ONE PER PERSON}[USE CODE: TRIALNAPPY] - Mimi & Co

5-Layer Bamboo Cotton Snap-In Snake Insert: Made from super-soft 280GSM bamboo cotton, this insert provides a total absorbency of 2,800GSM when folded. Its versatile design allows for customized use with babies of all sizes, and it can be snapped into the nappy shell for added stability.

4-Layer Hemp Cotton Snap-In Booster: Crafted from 360GSM hemp cotton, this booster offers an extra layer of protection with a total absorbency of 1,400GSM. Hemp's superior absorbency properties ensure maximum moisture retention while remaining dry to the touch. Snaps into the snake insert or nappy shell for active babies.

Whether you prefer to use the inserts in the included pocket or lay them on top, our Mimi & Co Originals 2.0 offer flexibility and comfort for both you and your little one.

Originals 2.0 Trial Modern Cloth Nappy {ONE PER PERSON}[USE CODE: TRIALNAPPY] - Mimi & Co

Transition to Eco-Friendly Parenting Today with Mimi & Co

Your journey into parenthood is filled with important decisions, and choosing cloth nappies is a significant step towards a greener lifestyle. With our 50% off trial nappy offer, now is the perfect time to experience the benefits of cloth diapering with Mimi & Co.

But the journey doesn't stop there. Our Originals 2.0 Modern Cloth Nappy offers premium features and sustainable design, ensuring both comfort and convenience for you and your baby. Join us in making a positive impact on the planet, one diaper change at a time.

Experience the difference with Mimi & Co – where sustainability meets style, and every choice matters.

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