“Finally, I don't have to worry about blowouts. No more poonamis” Here’s how your baby can experience the same 

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By Aami Mills | June 21, 2024

“We haven't had a blow-out in months” — Emily C.

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This is shocking but true…

For many parents, most popular disposable nappies in the market aren't great for potecting against blowouts.

Using them can lead to multiple problems like poonamis, leaks, and discomfort...

Who wouldn't want their baby to stay clean and comfortable all day?

Who wouldn't want to spend time with their baby without being bothered by constant nappy changes and messy cleanups?

It sounds like a simple ask. But the inconvenience is still there.Does it mean parents have to settle for a life full of messy blowouts and frequent nappy changes for their babies?

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The nappy you choose can be the most effective way to avoid these problems. 

We know that blowouts are a common issue for babies wearing disposable nappies.

Up to 90% of parents experience the frustration and mess of blowouts, leading to discomfort for babies and a bunch of other inconveniences...

That’s why Mimi & Co’s groundbreaking reusable cloth nappies couldn’t come at a better time.

Meet Mimi & Co Cloth Nappies - the cost-effective way to prevent blowouts and keep your baby clean and comfortable throughout the day and night.

Finally a nappy that contains poonamis… 

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No more messy cleanups, ruined clothes, and constant nappy changes just to deal with blowouts.

You might spend more and more money on disposable nappies only to be left feeling disappointed and frustrated.

This groundbreaking solution doesn’t require all that frustration.

It’s just that simple - it provides ultimate comfort while preventing blowouts. And the design of the nappy is made for health and comfort, not just for looks.

Mimi & Co Cloth Nappies promote natural skin health and superior containment without sacrifice.

This design not only prevents blowouts but also significantly reduces the risk of leaks.

As a result, your baby will experience improved comfort throughout the day and night. Having good containment is key because it keeps your baby clean and comfortable, so they can sleep better, play more, and enjoy life without discomfort.

This means less crying, fewer disruptions, and overall, just a happier baby. Thousands of parents are stepping away from disposable nappies to embrace Mimi & Co’s healthier, fresher, and more comfortable nappy experience.

However, we must advise: as word spreads about the benefits of Mimi & Co Cloth Nappies, they’re flying off the shelves, with many parents buying multiple sets to ensure their baby never misses a moment of comfort.


Mimi & Co Cloth Nappies are Ideal for containing poonamis and leaks.

Their design, which promotes natural skin health and comfort, helps keep your baby clean and prevents blowouts.

This natural approach to nappy design alleviates the stress associated with blowouts, keeps your baby comfortable, and provides reliable protection against leaks.

And its unique design makes it suitable for every baby. Even those with sensitive skin or prone to irritation.

"As a mum of 4, I highly recommend these nappies. We used to get blowouts every time my baby pooped, which I just thought was a normal thing to happen. Since switching to cloth nappies, we've not had a blow out!" – says Emily B.

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Don’t just take our word for it:

Mimi & Co has eliminated 15 million disposable nappies so far and the feedback has been great

" As a first-time mom, I was struggling with constant blowouts using disposable nappies. Every car ride and outing was a disaster waiting to happen. Since switching to Mimi & Co cloth nappies, the change has been incredible. No more messy blowouts or ruined outfits! The fit is perfect, and the absorbency is fantastic. My baby is happy, and so am I. Highly recommend!" — Sarah M.

"We had tried several brands of disposable nappies, but nothing could stop the frequent blowouts my baby experienced. Then we found Mimi & Co cloth nappies, and everything changed. The design is so much better at containing messes, and we haven't had a single blowout since switching. Plus, the cute designs are a bonus! I can't recommend these enough to other parents dealing with the same issue."  — Emily R.

Expecto Poo 2.0 Modern Cloth Nappy - Mimi & Co

How Does Mimi & Co Nappies Compare To Disposable Nappies?

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  • Secure fit and superior absorbency prevent leaks, even overnight.
  • Often lead to leaks due to poor fit and limited absorbency.
  • Soft, breathable materials keep baby comfortable all day.
  • Can cause irritation and discomfort, especially when wet.
  • Gentle on skin, reducing the risk of nappy rash and irritation.
  • Higher risk of nappy rash due to synthetic materials and moisture retention.
  • Eco-friendly, reusable design reduces waste and environmental impact. 
  • Single-use, contributing significantly to landfill waste.
  • Cost-effective over time with reusable design. 
  • Expensive over time due to frequent purchases.

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#1 Way to Eliminate Blowouts

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