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Mimi & Co ORIGINALS - Lunar Heights Blue
Mimi & Co ORIGINALS - Lunar Heights Blue
Mimi & Co ORIGINALS - Lunar Heights Blue
Load image into Gallery viewer, Mimi & Co ORIGINALS - Lunar Heights Blue
Load image into Gallery viewer, Mimi & Co ORIGINALS - Lunar Heights Blue
Load image into Gallery viewer, Mimi & Co ORIGINALS - Lunar Heights Blue

Mimi & Co ORIGINALS - Lunar Heights Blue

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WITH Gusset: Suitable for petite babies, newborns and when using as a cover over flats, fitted nappies and terry nappies

WITHOUT Gusset: Suitable for all babies



There are two common cloth nappy styles on the market. Our modern cloth nappy design allows you to use both so you can have a play around and choose what works best for you.

All in 2 Nappy (AI2)

  • Snap-in inserts
  • This style is simple to set up
  • Easy to wash 
  • Quick to fold
  • Bamboo insert next to baby's skin

Pocket Nappy

  • Inserts tucked inside the cover
  • Perfect for active toddlers
  • Great for boosting absorbance at night
  • Simple for childcare staff and grandparents to use
  • Stay-dry inner next to baby's skin


  • One-size design to fit newborn babies and toddlers from approx 4kg to 19kg.
  • Double gusset option to provide ultimate leak-proof protection.
  • Wider elastic at the back ensures that all moisture is contained.
  • Nappy contains a small stretch of elastic on the belly to provide additional leakproof protection.
  • Contains a 4-rise easy-to-use snap button for size adjustments.
  • Multiple nappy absorption levels are available for handling light to heavy wetters.
  • Hybrid design means the bamboo nappy inserts or the stay-dry suede layer (built into your cloth nappy cover) can sit next to babies skin.
  • Inserts can either be snapped in or placed/stuffed into nappy. 



One of the most important aspects of a great Modern Cloth Nappy is absorption. Too much absorption and babe will be uncomfortable; too little and you'll get leaks or having to change babe every hour.

Our Mimi & Co Inserts are designed to offer the most amount of absorbency whilst maintaining a slim, comfortable and flexible fit.

5-Layer Bamboo Snake Insert

  • Made from 5 layers of 280GSM Bamboo Cotton, giving a huge absorbency total of 2,800GSM when folded.
  • Insert is able to be folded along the length of the insert to use with babies of all shapes and sizes.
  • Snake insert can be snapped into the shell to provide comfort and stability.

4-Layer Hemp Insert

  • Made from 4 layers of 360GSM Hemp Cotton, giving a total of 1,400GSM of extra protection.
  • Hemp absorbs up to 20% its own weight while still feeling dry to the touch.
  • Snaps into snake insert or nappy shell for active babes.

    * Additional or alternate inserts are available to purchase here

    Care Instructions here.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Beautiful nappy

    I love these Mimi & Co nappies. So pretty, very absorbent and really easy to get a great fit.


    Ok I am officially in love!!!

    Tried out Mimi & Co originals as a night nappy and after 12hrs and night of multiple feeds no leaks, very light pink marks around his legs that went away straight away and as I’d put the inserts in the pocket his bum was perfectly dry despite the nappy being full!

    I’m glad I got two sets so I can use it again tonight whilst this one is in the wash but I’ll definitely be buying more.

    I’m so so so impressed ❤️

    So many great features!

    This has all the features I was looking for in a MCN plus ones I didn't know I wanted yet!

    Thick back elastics are an awesome idea I hadn't come across yet, I love that with the combo of the tummy elastic you can get a really great waist fit without muffin top or red marks!

    This is also my favourite print atm ❤


    This nappy is amazing! We had only just received it in a bundle I got and I was too excited to wash it before use so I risked it and put it on my 8 month old for his night nappy! I am gobsmacked! This nappy lasted 14 HOURS!!! Without a leak and without a wash it doesn’t get any better than that!