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Originals 2.0 Insert Set - Mimi & Co (7019284463772)
2 Pack - Bamboo & Hemp Duo Insert (7019284463772)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Originals 2.0 Insert Set - Mimi & Co (7019284463772)
Load image into Gallery viewer, 2 Pack - Bamboo & Hemp Duo Insert (7019284463772)

2 Pack - Bamboo & Hemp Duo Insert

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This set included TWO Originals Sets

One of the most important aspects of a great Modern Cloth Nappy is absorption. Too much absorption and babe will be uncomfortable; too little and you'll get leaks or having to change babe every hour.

Our Mimi & Co Inserts are designed to offer the most amount of absorbency whilst maintaining a slim, comfortable and flexible fit.

5-Layer Bamboo Snake Insert

  • Made from 5 layers of 280GSM Bamboo Cotton, giving a huge absorbency total of 2,800GSM when folded.
  • Insert is able to be folded along the length of the insert to use with babies of all shapes and sizes.
  • Snake insert can be snapped into the shell to provide comfort and stability.

4-Layer Hemp Insert

  • Made from 4 layers of 360GSM Hemp Cotton, giving a total of 1,400GSM of extra protection.
  • Hemp absorbs up to 20% its own weight while still feeling dry to the touch.
  • Snaps into snake insert or nappy shell for active babes.

Care Instructions here.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    The best inserts out there!

    We loved these v2 inserts so much after trying the ones that came with the v2 nappy shells, we upgraded our entire v1 stash to these! They are super absorbent, lovely and soft, and the *best* part is they don't curl up like bacon after washing or drying! Our favourite inserts by far.

    Shaina Farrell

    The new inserts are amazing. They don't scrunch at all, despite being hot washed. A bamboo and hemp clipped together is the perfect nap nappy for my little one, or is great if I know I'm going to be out and need something to last a little longer. Really impressed with the new inserts.

    Nappy insert

    These are so absorbent
    Extremely happy
    Customer service is amazing

    Thirsty hemp!

    I love the size of the hemp insert in this set, it's great as a super absorbant booster in any nappy without adding heaps of bulk!
    I was also really impressed by minimal shrinking after 6 hot washes.